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NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen visits!

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen visited on Monday, and we couldn’t have been happier to host the Senator here at our Goffstown office! Sen. Shaheen met with leaders of the renewable energy industry, including our own president Jon Strimling, to discuss the future of wood pellet heating in America. Wood and wood pellet heating is growing quickly in this country, and here in the Northeast in particular. We’re proud to work with our government representatives to make sure wood pellets are affordable and sustainable, even as more and more people choose to heat with this green resource.

Why did you switch to wood pellet heat? Was it to support a local industry, or to save money on your heating bills? Or maybe to reduce your carbon footprint? Whatever the reason, sound off here!

From left to right, Jon Strimling (President,, Lou D'Allesandro (NH State Senator), Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Mary Collins (Small Business Development Center State Director), and Hollis McGuire (Small Business Development Center Regional Manager). Photo credit: Melissa Paly, Cross Current Communications.

Save money & secure your family’s energy needs – make your home a hybrid

One of the most common questions we get here at is: “How much will I save on my heating bill when I switch to wood pellets?” And the answer is, LOTS. Our average customer will save $682 this year by heating with wood pellets instead of oil, and even more compared to propane.

BUT, there’s another benefit to heating with wood pellets that’s a little less tangible, but just as important: the security of knowing your home is a hybrid. When you diversify your home energy system with a highly efficient and renewable source like pellets, you’re declaring your energy independence. You’re ensuring that you have options to keep your family warm, your lights on, and your costs down, no matter what’s happening with oil supply or propane prices.

We just read a pretty inspiring blog post by Martin LaMonica of CNET, explaining why he made his home a hybrid. His honest assessment of payback and benefits is a great indicator of what you – the typical homeowner – would likely see.  And we think it’s exciting to know that taking a few steps to supplement your heating or electricity systems with a renewable source will secure your energy needs, on the grid or off, no matter what.

What are your thoughts about hybrid homes? Tell us your story here!

NECN highlights savings with wood pellet heat!

NECN covers the benefits of heating with wood pellets.Check out this great spot on the benefits of wood pellet heat from NECN last night!

NECN reporter Lauren Collins interviews folks who’ve been heating with wood pellets and learns about the cost savings they’re enjoying over heating oil and other petroleum-based fuels. Also interviewed are Barbarba Bernstein of the NH Public Utilities Commission, who reminds NH homeowners that they can take advantage of a 30% rebate (up to $6,000) on the installation of an approved, high efficiency, bulk-fed pellet boiler or furnace, AND our very own Jon Strimling, CEO here at, who highlights some of the many other benefits of heating with wood pellets.

Of course, as a savvy wood pellet consumer, you already know that you’re helping to create jobs here at home, contribute to the most efficient use of wood resources, and reduce your carbon footprint – all while saving yourself a pretty penny on your heating bills.

So, this makes us want to hear your story – why did you make the switch to wood pellet heat? What did you used to heat with? And what are you saving by heating with wood pellets?