NH Residents – Install a wood pellet boiler, get $6,000 back, AND save on your heating bill!

Attention residents of New Hampshire!

Did you know that you’re eligible for a 30% rebate (up to $6,000) when you install an approved, high-efficiency bulk-fed wood pellet boiler or furnace?

The NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) just enriched its rebate program for wood pellet boilers and furnaces to include heating systems with efficiency ratings of 80% or greater.  To be eligible for the rebate, a heating system must be pre-approved by the PUC, must meet certain technical and efficiency standards, and must be installed before February 12, 2012.

We’re excited that the PUC is including a greater range of boilers and furnaces in this program. We’re all about making wood pellet heat affordable and available to all!

So, if you’re happy with your pellet stove or insert (not to mention your decreased heating bills, improved energy efficiency, and conveniently delivered fuel), you may want to consider a wood pellet central heating system. With improvements in automatic-feed technology and bulk delivery, a pellet boiler or furnace can dramatically reduce your energy bills AND your carbon footprint.

Of course, we could go on and on about the many different ways you’d be helping the US economy by installing a large-scale pellet heating system – you’re creating jobs for Americans in your neighborhood, from manufacturing the pellets to delivering the product to servicing your boiler. You’re reinvesting in your local and regional economies by supporting local businesses. And of course, you’re saving money on your energy bills, which is good for you and for your community.

The NH wood pellet boiler rebate program is advertised frequently in publications like Foster’s Daily Democrat, so make sure to get your application in soon!

Got questions? Ask them here, or give us a call at 1-800-PELLETS.

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