Maine School District Converts to Pellet Heat, Saves $70,000 Per Year In Heating Costs

Yay for the students, faculty, and staff of Maine’s SAD 74!

Through the administration’s bold decision to convert all four district schools from oil to wood pellet heating systems, SAD74 will save $70,000 a year in heating costs. And let’s not overlook the fact that these pellet boilers are forecast to be operational for 25 years, so let’s compound those savings and add in a massive reduction in carbon emissions… overall, this is looking like a pretty smart move.

The state of Maine is known for its rugged coastline and delicious lobsters, sure. But one of the most plentiful resources here is wood. In converting these schools to wood pellet heat, the administration of SAD74 is making the conscious decision to support Maine businesses and reinvest money into the state economy.

We love stories like this – it’s a win/win all around. SAD74 is saving money, supporting the local economy, and reducing its environmental impact.

Did you know heating with wood pellets could produce such positive, cascading effects on your local environment? Tell us why you use wood pellet heat here!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Justin From NH on August 24, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Wow. That’s about the same amount of money that would be required to keep all the extra-curricular activities in our school district funded! Unfortunately we’re not converting our heat and will not have the extra 70k. I’ll definitely be pointing this out to coworkers.


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