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Independent Review – Homestead Wood Pellets

Well folks, it was definitely chilly this morning here in New Hampshire. No doubt about it, the heating season is almost upon us!

In honor of the 2011-2012 heating season (you can feel it right around the corner!), Rob over at has fired up his stove and burned his first bag of the season – Homestead premium wood pellets, a brand we’re carrying for the first time this year. See what Rob has to say here.

After putting Homestead through our rigorous quality testing, we can guarantee that they exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute’s standard for premium grade pellets, providing a high heat, low maintenance burn. We like to say they’re manufactured for the budget-minded customer who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. In other words, they’re easy on your stove and your wallet!

As always, you can call us at 1-800-PELLETS or visit to see what brands are available in your area.

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Arlene gives us 5 stars!

“5-star company! Excellent service from beginning to end! Good customer service, good choices, prices + great delivery service. Hopefully, I don’t ever need to complain about wet pellets as I did w/ other companies, but can be positive they would be replaced with you!”

-Arlene, new customer in 2011

NH Residents – Install a wood pellet boiler, get $6,000 back, AND save on your heating bill!

Attention residents of New Hampshire!

Did you know that you’re eligible for a 30% rebate (up to $6,000) when you install an approved, high-efficiency bulk-fed wood pellet boiler or furnace?

The NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) just enriched its rebate program for wood pellet boilers and furnaces to include heating systems with efficiency ratings of 80% or greater.  To be eligible for the rebate, a heating system must be pre-approved by the PUC, must meet certain technical and efficiency standards, and must be installed before February 12, 2012.

We’re excited that the PUC is including a greater range of boilers and furnaces in this program. We’re all about making wood pellet heat affordable and available to all!

So, if you’re happy with your pellet stove or insert (not to mention your decreased heating bills, improved energy efficiency, and conveniently delivered fuel), you may want to consider a wood pellet central heating system. With improvements in automatic-feed technology and bulk delivery, a pellet boiler or furnace can dramatically reduce your energy bills AND your carbon footprint.

Of course, we could go on and on about the many different ways you’d be helping the US economy by installing a large-scale pellet heating system – you’re creating jobs for Americans in your neighborhood, from manufacturing the pellets to delivering the product to servicing your boiler. You’re reinvesting in your local and regional economies by supporting local businesses. And of course, you’re saving money on your energy bills, which is good for you and for your community.

The NH wood pellet boiler rebate program is advertised frequently in publications like Foster’s Daily Democrat, so make sure to get your application in soon!

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Maine School District Converts to Pellet Heat, Saves $70,000 Per Year In Heating Costs

Yay for the students, faculty, and staff of Maine’s SAD 74!

Through the administration’s bold decision to convert all four district schools from oil to wood pellet heating systems, SAD74 will save $70,000 a year in heating costs. And let’s not overlook the fact that these pellet boilers are forecast to be operational for 25 years, so let’s compound those savings and add in a massive reduction in carbon emissions… overall, this is looking like a pretty smart move.

The state of Maine is known for its rugged coastline and delicious lobsters, sure. But one of the most plentiful resources here is wood. In converting these schools to wood pellet heat, the administration of SAD74 is making the conscious decision to support Maine businesses and reinvest money into the state economy.

We love stories like this – it’s a win/win all around. SAD74 is saving money, supporting the local economy, and reducing its environmental impact.

Did you know heating with wood pellets could produce such positive, cascading effects on your local environment? Tell us why you use wood pellet heat here!

Perfect Delivery – hear what Jerry has to say

“Perfect delivery! Pallet jack service was great. Placed into my cellar exactly where I wanted them. Thank you.”

-Jerry, customer from NH

Oldfangled Regulations Hold Back Adoption of Wood Pellet Heat – Make your voice heard!

The Nashua Telegraph ran a feature yesterday exploring out-of-date regulations that are holding wood pellet heat back in the great state of New Hampshire.

Reporter David Brooks interviewed Goffstown, NH resident Richard Goulet, who is struggling to refinance his home through the Federal Housing Administration; Mr. Goulet ran into problems when the FHA declared his recently installed pellet boiler an unreliable heating system, not powerful enough to run as a primary heat source. In other words, before the FHA will support his refinancing, they want to see a supplemental system in place – in this case, one that runs on fossil fuels.

Mr. Brooks interviewed our own Jon Strimling, president and CEO of, to take the industry’s pulse on such action by a federal agency. Mr. Strimling explained that the laws are written around the idea of a wood stove that has to be regularly and manually stoked, not an automatically fed pellet system. But, he says, “the systems have matured since the laws and regulations were written, but the paperwork hasn’t kept up.”

With the increasing prevalence of automatically fed pellet boilers and furnaces in the US – not to mention tried-and-true pellet stoves and inserts, which provide significant efficiency gains through space heating – wood pellet heating systems are affordable, a viable and reliable source of heat, capable of acting as either a primary or supplementary heating system.

Wood pellet heat is about using local, sustainable, affordable resources. It’s about reducing our impact on this planet and improving our way of life for future generations – and regulatory policy should support those who support renewable energy.

If we’re serious about keeping American dollars invested in our local and regional economies, about offering a convenient way to significantly reduce heating bills (as well as carbon footprints), then we need to make our voices heard. Contact your representatives on the local, state, and national stages, and let them know you support a cleaner, greener future. Let them know that people who choose wood pellet heat should be afforded the same concessions and benefits as those who invest in other renewable energies.

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Announcing… the winner of the Win Free Green Heat Contest!

Congratulations to Anne M. of New Britain, CT! Anne is the lucky winner of the Win Free Green Heat contest, sponsored by and Jamestown Pellet Stoves. Anne and her family will receive a Jamestown Pellet Stove (delivered and installed) and three tons of premium wood pellets from, delivered right to her doorstep.

Have you been thinking about investing in a new pellet stove? Know someone who‘s thinking about switching to clean, green wood pellet heat? Make sure to check out Stove Finder – our comprehensive guide to finding the stove, insert, or central heating system for you, and the right installation professional to help you get burning!

At Stove Finder, you’ll also get the latest scoop on our periodic contests – like Win Free Green Heat – so you can win great green prizes. Good for you, and good for the environment!